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How to find the right medical practice for you

Finding the right GP and medical practice that suits you and your family can make a significant difference to your health and wellness for the long term.

So, if you have just moved to the area, need a GP close to work or are looking for a new medical practice that you are comfortable with and can trust, see below some important things to consider when choosing the right medical practice for you and your family.

Convenience and accessibility

Depending on your situation, you may need to make regular visits to your doctor, so start with the basics and what best suits your lifestyle and healthcare need. Consider:

• Is the practice easy to get to from your home and/or workplace?

• Do they have convenient opening hours?

• Can you book appointments online?

Male and female GPs

Depending on your own gender and preference, having the choice between male and female doctors can be of value.

Taking new patients

This will help refine your search from the beginning, enquire as to whether the doctors are taking new patients and when they have availabilities open.

Qualifications, experience and accreditations

Continual advances in medicine and practice guidelines mean doctors and their staff need to regularly update their skills to meet the needs and expectations of the industry and their patients.

When choosing the right GP for you it is important to consider their qualifications, credentials and interests. This can help you to determine whether the doctor has the necessary skills, experience and training to provide suitable care for you and your family.

Team attributes

A visit to the doctor is usually not high on most people’s list of favourite things to do. Therefore, choosing a medical practice team that is professional, friendly and caring can make or break your experience as a patient.

Inviting environment

If the medical practice is clean, fresh and modern, and the environment is inviting, chances are the same can be said for the facilities and care provided.

Other health services onsite

Most people prefer when possible to have all their health care needs catered to in the one easy location. Find out if the medical practice is located close to pathology, radiology and a chemist. Some good medical practices, including CBD Medical Practice and Neutral Bay Medical Practice also offer other allied health services onsite such as physiotherapy, psychology and nutrition.

Ask others for recommendations!

There is nothing more trusted than word of mouth referrals. Ask family, friends, neighbours or colleagues what they like about their medical practice and where they go, or ask your health care partners such as your dentist or physiotherapist for a referral.

You may not look forward to going to the doctor, but these considerations can help you to choose the right GP and medical practice for you and your family and build the foundations for a long- term trusted relationship.

If you have any queries or concerns, our team is here to help and are happy to answer all questions no matter how big or small.

Both our practices at CBD and Neutral Bay warmly welcomes new patients.

To book an appointment please call the practice or book online.

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