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Travel Medicine

Are you planning a trip overseas?

We understand how exciting travel can be and how important it is that you are well prepared and properly immunised prior to starting your holiday.

Our doctors can provide comprehensive travel consultations and can advise you what vaccinations are required for all destinations. If you are planning an overseas holiday, it important to visit your GP to discuss your requirements well in advance, preferably a month or two prior to your departure.

Our practice is a one-stop-shop for all travel vaccination and medication requirements.


Yellow Fever accredited clinic

We are accredited to give Yellow Fever Vaccinations.  We also have most vaccinations onsite and available at an affordable rate.


Medications advice

Our doctors can also advise you on the regulations regarding travelling with medications and ensure that everyone has the required medical and vaccination documentation that may be required by customs officials at their destination.

Post travel

We also provide the option of post-travel health screening for travellers returning from high-risk countries.

Book an appointment today and be sure to check in with our team before you check out for your trip!

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