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What are the benefits of acupuncture?

Today, we are seeing a major shift in how people think about their health and well-being. From fitness and food to mindfulness and self-care, people are recognising the importance of prevention and focusing their time and attention on it. Acupuncture is becoming a widely utilised form of treatment in Australia and when performed by a skilled practitioner, acupuncture can be a safe and effective treatment for a range of disorders.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is part of traditional Chinese medicine and is a form of treatment that involves inserting very thin needles through a person's skin at specific points on the body, to various depths. Acupuncture focuses on correcting imbalances of energy in the body.

Does acupuncture hurt?

Surprisingly, although needles are used in acupuncture, treatments are relatively pain-free. In fact, one of the most popular uses of acupuncture is to reduce chronic pain throughout the body in a natural way, without the need for medications that can cause unwanted side effects. Needles used for acupuncture are the size of a human hair. Sometimes patients ask when treatment will begin, and they already have a number of needles inserted into their body!

What are the benefits of acupuncture?

There are many benefits that can be observed from undergoing acupuncture treatment including:

Reduction of chronic pain

This is perhaps the most common and celebrated use of acupuncture on the human body

Treats arthritis

Arthritis can be a debilitating disease that affects tens of millions of people around the world. Unfortunately, the benefits of modern medicine often fall short in fixing it over the long term, which means you must constantly take powerful medicine to relieve the joint pain. Acupuncture offers a different option for reducing the painful and debilitating effects of arthritis.

Relieves migraines

Another of the most popular applications of acupuncture in recent years has been for the relief of migraines and headaches, both in terms of pain relief and reduction in frequency.

Prevents nausea & vomiting

Acupuncture has also been shown as a very effective tool against nausea and vomiting.

Treats Anxiety

In Australia, it's estimated that 45 per cent of people will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime.

In any one year, around 1 million Australian adults have depression, and over 2 million have anxiety. People who want to know their options are seeking alternatives to anti-depressant medication, and acupuncture is at the top of the list.

Reduces Insomnia

Studies have shown that acupuncture can reduce the frequency of insomnia for many people. It shows that acupuncture increases the secretion of nocturnal melatonin, which is a chemical that aids and induces sleep.

Minimises heartburn & indigestion

Regular acupuncture therapy has been proven to reduce signs of heartburn, indigestion, and required sufferers to use fewer antacids.

PMT, menstrual dysfunction and menopausal symptoms

Attention ladies! Acupuncture has also been shown to help alleviate PMT and menopausal symptoms and also assist with menstrual dysfunction.

At Medical Practice Sydney CBD, we are lucky enough to have Dr Janet Widmer on our team providing acupuncture services to patients. Dr Janet is a General Practitioner and Medical Acupuncturist and Medical Teacher. She is a graduate of the University of Sydney and has trained and worked both in Australia and the United Kingdom. Dr Widmer holds post graduate qualifications in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a master’s degree in Medical Acupuncture. Janet is a Diplomate of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and of the Australian Medical Acupuncture College.

Would you like to experience the benefits of acupuncture for yourself? Book an appointment today, call 9231 1000.


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