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Vale Dr Harry Nespolon

Dr Harry Nespolon

The Neutral Bay Medical Practice was established in 2003 and the CBD Medical Practice in 2004 by our founder and  President of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), Dr Harry Nespolon who tragically died on Sunday 26th July 2020 of Pancreatic Cancer at the age of 57.


A lasting legacy

Dr Harry Nespolon was that rare breed: a heartfelt genuine professional, devoted to his calling. He enjoyed mentoring and teaching and witnessing the success of the profession and those he taught – he demanded high standards, particularly of himself.

Dr Nespolon worked tirelessly as an advocate for GPs and his patients,  and as a champion for the general practice profession. His mission was to make the greatest impact he could and he had a seemingly endless supply of passion, energy and vigour for life.

Dr Harry Nespolon displayed exceptional leadership during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, advocating on behalf of GPs and the general practice profession to ensure Australia’s primary health clinicians can deliver patients the best possible care. In addition Dr Nespolon established the Deewhy Respiratory Clinic to facilitate Covid-19 testing in 2020. He led the RACGP with integrity until his very last day.

Highly respected within the local community and by his colleagues in the medical arena, Dr Nespolon was saluted by the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and the Australian GP Alliance for his extraordinary achievements.


Our commitment

The team at Neutral Bay Medical Practice and CBD Medical Practice are committed to continuing our founder’s legacy and core professional values and we will strive to:

  • Provide patients with exceptional care; and

  • Serve the needs of our community; and

  • Uphold the highest standards of the general practice profession.


Dr Harry Nespolon’s career – a snapshot

Completing his medical degree at Flinders University in 1986, followed by a law degree from the University of Adelaide in 1995, an MBA from the University of New South Wales Business School – including a stint at the London Business School in 2000, followed by a Masters in Medical Law from the University of Sydney in 2015, Dr Harry Nespolon took his studies and continual professional development very seriously.

From 1995 to 1998 he worked for the AMA as their Medical and Policy Development Manager and then went on to be a management consultant for AT Kearney for 3 years before

Dr Harry Nespolon was Chair of the Northern Sydney GP Network for 11 years from 2007, and from 2007 he was on Medicines Australia’s Code of Conduct Committee. His involvement with the RACGP began as a Council Member of the NSW Faculty from 2012 to 2016 and culminated in his election as national President in October 2018.

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